Associate Research Scientist/Scholar Chemistry

Education:  Physics Ph.D., University of Rochester

Field of Study:  Physics of charge transport

After completing his undergraduate degree in physics from Vassar College with honors, Dr. Konezny first earned his M.A. and then his Ph.D. from University of Rochester and trained as a postdoctoral associate at Yale.  He went on, at Yale, to work as an Associate Research Scientist from 2010 until the present.

Dr. Konezny’s career has focused on research involving experimental and theoretical studies of energy-relevant materials and devices.  This work comprises a multi-scale approach aimed at understanding the fundamental physics of charge transport, improving device models through concerted simulation and experimental device characterization, and designing novel systems for efficient solar energy conversion.

In recognition of his research and contributions to the field, Dr. Konezny has received the GAANN Fellowship, University of Rochester; a Fulbright Fellowship in Austria, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria; the Ethel Hickox Pollard Memorial Physics Prize, Physics and Astronomy Department, Vassar College; and the Olive M. Lammert Book Prize, Chemistry Department, Vassar College.